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Document Number Document Name Date Updated Download
1 Feasibility Study Report 10-Jul-2020
2 Gender Analysis Report 10-Jul-2020
3 AFFORD Report 10-Jul-2020
4 Membership Form 10-Jul-2020
5 Our Constitution 10-Jul-2020
6 Malawi Feasibility Study 10-Jul-2020
7 Elderly Policy 10-Jul-2020
8 HR Policy 10-Jul-2020
9 MANEPO Fraud_Policy 10-Jul-2020
10 MANEPO IT Services Policy 10-Jul-2020
11 Motor Vehicle Policy Agreement 10-Jul-2020
12 Payment_claim 10-Jul-2020
13 Protection Policy for Vulnerable Adults and Children 10-Jul-2020
14 Whistle-Blowing Policy December 2018 10-Jul-2020
15 Appraisee Preparation Form 2020 05-Nov-2020
16 Code of Conduct 05-Nov-2020
17 Conditions of Service 05-Nov-2020
18 Confidentiality Agreement MANEPO 05-Nov-2020
19 Confirmation Template form 05-Nov-2020
20 Conflicts of Interest Policy 05-Nov-2020
21 Delivery Note.pdf 05-Nov-2020
22 Exit Interview 05-Nov-2020
23 Financial Policies and Procesures Manual 05-Nov-2020
24 Human Resources Handbook 05-Nov-2020
25 Induction Programme Template 05-Nov-2020
26 Malawi Security Brief 05-Nov-2020
27 PA 360 Feedback Form 05-Nov-2020
28 Payments Processing Procedure 05-Nov-2020
29 Performance and Salary Review Policy 05-Nov-2020
30 Performance-Appraisal-Form.pdf 05-Nov-2020
31 Preparationform Appraisee Template 05-Nov-2020
32 Procurement Policy October 2019 05-Nov-2020
33 Purchase Order Sample 05-Nov-2020
34 Salary Structure 05-Nov-2020
35 Terms and Condititions Applicable to MANEPO Contracts for Services 05-Nov-2020