Malawi Network of Older Persons' Organisations

"Promoting the rights of older persons"

Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency

Thematic Area 5: Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency

Worldwide, older people make up 6% of the population but are often excluded from disaster risk reduction and emergency response – this means that the valuable contribution older people can make in these processes is often lost. It also means the specific needs they have are often left out, making them more vulnerable than the people of the other age groups.

This simply underscores the fact that older persons and people with disabilities are often invisible in an emergency, and consequently they take longer to recover than people of the other age groups. There is therefore a need to re-package interventions in Malawi in order to ensure they are able to respond to the specific needs of people according to their different levels of vulnerability

The Minimum Standards for Age and Disability Inclusion in humanitarian action are intended to inform the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian programs; strengthen accountability to people with disabilities and older people; and to support advocacy, capacity-building and preparedness measures on age and disability across the humanitarian system. The implementation of these standards needs to consider how disability and age can affect all age groups differently and ensure that people with disability and older persons receive appropriate humanitarian assistance which responds to their specific needs.